The Secret To Star Trek Fleet Command

Play the most popular Star Trek game on your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Star Trek Fleet Command is a turn-based space-based strategy game that lets you assume the command of the Federation or the Romulan Empire.

There are two optionsavailable: fight the enemy fleet in different missions , or fight in battles that are tactical throughout the world.

You can also modify your ship using a unique customization system that allows you to select among more than 50 weaponry and ship.

Star Trek Fleet Command is the very first game in the series of games Fleet Command, which was developed by R.U.S.E. Games which is based in England. The game lets players control a fleet of starships in the tactical game of turn-based simulations of the iconic Star Trek universe. The game is free to play on both mobile and PC and the Android version is available now on Google Play.

The story of this game:

In 2004 the firm R.U.S.E. Games launched a game called “Star Trek Armada” for the PC platform. The game was designed to recreate the original Star Trek television series. At that time, the company was located in the United Kingdom and the game was accessible through Steam along with other gaming platforms.

R.U.S.E. developed this game. Games for the PC as well as Mac platforms. After a couple of years, the company decided to develop a brand new game based on the series. They started work on “Star Trek: Fleet Command” and were created by R.U.S.E. Games, in partnership with Ubisoft. The original release of the game for PC was released in the year 2009. It was also released for Steam and other gaming platforms.

The game was available on both PC as well as Mac versions.

Game concept for this game:

The game was developed to recreate the classic Star Trek universe. This universe is a mixture of the original Star Trek series, the films as well as the animated series. The game features an original storyline that takes place in the year 2393. There are two play options that are available: the traditional space combat and battle mode.

You can fight the enemy’s fleet in space combat mode, or engage in tactical battles. In the battle mode, players can select from over 50 different types of weapons and ships.

A storyline that is similar to the television series is included in the game. You’ll be able to manage your own favorite starship. This game includes: You will be able to command the starship you love most.

This includes sensors, weapons, engines, shields, as well as other components. Combining these modules will create your own unique ship. The game lets you modify your starship using the available options, making it appear like a unique ship. It also comes with an exclusive customization system. It allows players to select from over 50 types of weapons, engines and shields. There are also various configurations available for these systems. Alongside this it also comes with many features created to make the experience more exciting.

These features include:

This battle mode offers over 30 missions. You will be able to battle against the enemy’s fleet or engage in tactical battles. Original storyline that follows characters from the television show. More than 70 different weapons and ships that include several from the original series. You can customize your ships with a variety of options. A customizable creation system for ships. The possibility of playing as either the Federation or the Romulan Empire.